16 Ridiculously Stupid Board Games From Your Childhood

16 Ridiculously Stupid Board Games From Your Childhood

In a world now dominated by smartphones, iPads & millions of app, the trusty board game has long been consigned to the attic gathering dust. Back in the 80's and 90's they served as they ultimate way to entertain yourself with your friends and family.

Of course there were the staple & universally loved likes of, Monopoly, Connect Four, Guess Who?, Snakes & Ladders and Cluedo but with each new film, hit TV series or breakthrough musical act, toy manufactures attempted to cash in and profit from their popularity. Just like food manufactures did when they released endless ranges of cereals featuring movie-ins and toys.

It resulted in wave after wave of ill-convinced and ill-thought out board games flooding the market, designed to make a quick buck and nothing more. The likes of Mr. T, Jurassic Park, Knight Rider, Home Alone, N Sync, Saved By The Bell and even Vanilla Ice were all bizarrely given their own dedicated board games. Classics they were not, but each sold a truckload. Today many are collectables, so if you have some old copies lurking around, dust them off because the chances are they could be of genuine value.

With that in mind, come with us as we take you down memory lane and highlight some of the most ridiculously stupid concepts for board games ever to be produced! Do let us know if you owned any from the list below, we won't hold it again you....



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