Entire Neighbourhood Transformed Into A Giant Street Art Project

Entire Neighbourhood Transformed Into A Giant Street Art Project

After decades of being ignored and slowly sliding into disrepair, Wynwood as neighbourhood Miami was fast becoming a forgotten part of the city itself. But thankfully,  urban visionary Tony Goldman partnered with Jeffrey Deitch (director of  MoCa Los Angeles) on a mission to change and transform Wynwood from a dour community, to one covered in vibrant and inspiring art.

Abandonded parking lots, derelict street corners & rundown factories were handed over to the likes of some of the most innovative street artists in recent times - Futura, Shepard Fairey, OS Gemeos, Kenny Scharf, to work their magic. Funded and supported by local art grants and sponsors, their street art and murals now cover countless buildings and areas with Wynwood injecting a much-needed burst of life into what was a silent and forlorn part of Miami. In doing so they've created an area where art is accessible and open for everyone to enjoy and appreciate - as it should be.

You can find out more about the project, as well as how it's evolved since last year right here



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