Meet The World's Most Kick-Ass Robot-Only Band

compressorhead robot band 22 image

Meet The World's Most Kick-Ass Robot-Only Band

You can't deny that Daft Punk's 'Robot Rock' is one hell of a tune.

But today we're going to go one better. Rather than just a video called 'Robot Rock' about how about a video of robots actually rocking out? Sound unlikely? Well, it's already happened my friend.

Meet Compressorhead, the world's first ever robot band. Think of them as a the modern day bass-ass equivalent of Short Circuit. And yes, they've already performed live (they played at Big Day Out in Australia in January) here's a clip of them doing a run through of 'Ace Of Spades' by Motorhead. It's rough, noisy and all a bit chaotic - just like rock n' roll should be we reckon.

The question is, could these guys be the forefathers of a new genre of music? Should the likes of Metallica (and indeed Motorhead) be quaking in their respective leather boots? Will today's rock bands be upstaged & replaced by their robotic counterparts? Or is it just a one big (and technically amazing) parody?

It's up to you to decide.