Religious Institutions Built Out Of Ammunition & Guns

Religious Buildings Made Out Of Ammunition  image

Religious Institutions Built Out Of Ammunition & Guns

Religion and war are sadly inextricably intertwined and linked together. The Muslim conquests, the Crusades, the Reconquista, and the French Wars of Religion are frequently cited historical examples least we forget the past decade of troubles in the Middle East and the never-ending saga between Jerusalem and Palestine.

Where one exists, so too does the other and yet for many people, religious houses of worship are places of quiet contemplation, love, celebration or solace. Immensely talented sculptur  Al Farrow explores this theme in his latest series titled _Reliquaries - _where the very houses of God have been built from gun, ammunition, weapons and arms all designed to dominate, destroy or end life.

It's provocative, controversial and a bold statement that for many around the world - religion and war will always be inseparable, no matter which book or building you or those around you subscribe to.



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