Fascinating Facts About 10,000 World Famous Pornstars

Fascinating Facts About 10,000 World Famous Pornstars  image

Fascinating Facts About 10,000 World Famous Pornstars

Jon Millward doesn't just look at pornography, he's spent 6 months piecing together stats and numbers looking for trends to complete his fascinating infographic titled 'Deep Inside: A Study Of 10,000 Porn Stars And Their Careers"

In doing so he's revealed some startling & measured insights into an industry solely focused on the short-term needs and desires of its customers.

What does the average porn actress look like? Which States do they come from? What's a typical pseudonym they might use? What time of acts are they comfortable doing? What type of role play are they most likely to adopt? How has their role in pornography altered over time?

All that and more is revealed in his infographic below oh and don't worry it's safe for work too. You can read his extensive and fascinating look at the adult film industry as well as lots of others thoughtful & in-depth analysis right here or via his personal Twitter profile( ) account.

Enjoy and do let us know if you're surprised by what you see...



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