20 Cereals From 1980's You Will Never Taste Again

20 Cereals From 1980's You Will Never Taste Again

Continuing on with our fascination with 1980's memorabilia, here's 20 cereals that sadly you will never get to taste or much on ever again.

From the movie tie-ins, to lure of toys and video games right down to the fluro artwork and brightly colour fonts, having a bowl of sugary cereal wasn't just a snack in the 80's, it was an experience. But trends and fads come and go and thus, these classic boxes, limited edition designs and unusual flavours have all been consigned to the rubbish tip of pop culture history.

Until now.

So join us as we stagger down memory lane and recollect 20 of the best cereals of yesteryear - do let us know if you ate any of them!

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