Lookout! Now You Can Own Your Very Own Baby Vampire

Lookout! Now You Can Own Your Very Own Baby Vampire

Fancy owning a baby of the undead? Well now you can, thanks to this unusual range of baby doll vampires. Who needs a blood-thirsty Barbie when you’ve got Mini Count Dracula on standby?

They’re custom made by toy maker / artist Bean Shanine as part of her The Twisted Bean Stalk collection. She even creates child sized versions of these fangtastic dolls, perfect for strapping into the baby car seat and frightening the hell out of any school kids who happen to walk pas or just giving them permanent nightmares.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to the cutest Cabbage Patch dolls you’ve come to the right place.

Prices range from $650 right up to the $1,500, can you see the full and rather creepy collection right here.

Via Oddity Central

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