Elegant Animal Sculptures Made From Broken Glass

Shattered Glass Animals By Marta Klonowska 1 image

Elegant Animal Sculptures Made From Broken Glass

You've rarely seen animals so elegantly recreated as those by Polish sculptor Marta Klonowska. From across the room, her creations look like little furry transparent animals, but upon closer inspection you'll see that they are painstakingly created from individual shards of broken glass.

"I create installations which should lead the audience into a new universe"

She creates the outline of the animal using dense metal frames covered in wire mesh, it's into this mesh that she then slots and places each individual shard of glass. The net effect is a magnificent combination of beauty, poise and finesse - themes which run through all her work.

To date she's created several members of the animal kingdom, a rabbit, different dogs and even a lemur. But why those animals in particular? She draws inspiration from the numerous creatures painted in various baroque paintings, and as you're about to see sometimes her sculptures are placed directly next to her influences.

Art intimating art as it were.

Head over to Lorch Seidel to see more mesmerizing examples of her phenomenal work.

via Lustik



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