Cute & Cheeky Pop Culture Characters Getting It On

Mr Jiji Pop Culture Art image

Cute & Cheeky Pop Culture Characters Getting It On

Let's face it, it's not every day you get to see Yoda getting it on with a Stormtrooper or He-Man and Skeletor having sharing a moment, but thanks to the funny & mischievous art of Fu Hang (known online as  Mr. Jiji) you'll get to see all that and more!

Based in Beijing, the talented graphic artist has created a series called 'Just Love' (although we've included two works from his previous project 'Pervert Dictators' because we thought they were awesome) which is certainly more than a little cheeky.

When quizzed about his work, here merely states "I'm having fun and I'm not claiming to do art for the elite." - long may that continue! You see more of his characters & projects via his forthcoming website & online shop - where you can score yourself some prints, t-shirts and even the odd coffee mug featuring his work.

So check it out, there's lots to love.

© All images by Mr. Jiji

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