How To Reveal The Secret Subliminal Images In Music

How To Reveal The Secret Subliminal Images In Music

When it comes to crafting songs and making music, several artists have gone one step further outside of the musical spectrum, by embedded and hiding actual images and pictures in their songs.

So how can you see an image in a song you might ask? You'll need to download a tool known as a spectrograph (there's lots of free versions of them online). The spectrograph essential allows you to visualize the waveforms and audio signals from a piece of music and it's within these waveforms that artists have been inserting images.

The likes of Aphex Twin, Radiohead & Nine Inch Nails have all used this technique, and surprisingly enough, it's not that complicated to do.

Here's video, which walks you through the process of converting an image into certain frequencies which you can then insert into a song (they usually just sound like white noise or static)

So next time you're listening to one of your favourite bands, just think, there could be a hidden subliminal message contained within.

At least now you know how to access it...