Terrifically Terrifying Movie Monster Artworks

Terrifically Terrifying Movie Monster Artworks

A New Orleans native, illustrator Dave Correia's world has always been filled monsters & superheroes. From reading countless comics as a kid to playing and watching endless horror films and video games as an adult, they form the subjects of many of his impressive works.

It's not an easy process mind you, as he himself admits "My art is therapeutic and frustrating all at once." - it's also the stuff of nightmares if (like children around the world) you also couldn't fall asleep for hours thinking Pennywise from Stephen King's IT was lurking under your bed.

His work has been featured across countless websites, posters, billboards and commercials, but today we wanted to focus on his latest series - a collection of terrific movie monster artworks depicting some of the most recognizable faces in horror & film. You can see his entire collection as well as purchase his work right here, just make sure you keep the lights on  when you do.



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