A Funny Animated Film About A Cat Looking For Love

A Funny Animated Film About A Cat Looking For Love

We're big big fans of KickStarter which has given creative individuals a platform to get their work funded, supported and promoted. One that especially caught our eye recently was animator & visual artist Bard Edlund's creation - a cartoon series titled 'Franklin the Ladies' Cat' which, as you can imagine centers around a loveable cat who thinks he knows how to woo the ladies of the world. It's funny, a little sad and wonderfully animated.

Bard was inspired by the likes of Oswald and Felix - two cartoon icons from the 1920-1039's, but he wanted to create a modern day tribute to them. That's where Franklin comes in, placed in a contemporary world interacting with everyday humans and whilst he embellishes more than a story or two!

UPDATED FEB 8th: Bard's just posted the second episode which you can watch right here

With people like Bard creating such wonderful stories that have been funded by people who are passionate about film, it just goes to show you - not every animated movie has to come off the Dreamworks or Pixar production line.

You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here, but in the meantime, why not support his work by heading over to his online store and getting yourself a kick-ass Franklin t-shirt like the rest of the interwebs?