Startling Art Transforms Denim Into Blue Urban Landscapes

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Startling Art Transforms Denim Into Blue Urban Landscapes

The last thing you'd expect a piece of denim to be turned into is an artwork, but that's exactly what happens when British artist Ian Berry (also known as Denimu*) *gets his hands on the material. So whilst you and I are wearing denim as pairs of jeans, he's busily creating these startling urban landscapes (many of London).

It is a painstakingly slow process, individually slicing, stitching, measuring, gluing and cutting out separate shades of denim to create that multi-faceted collage effect of blues and shapes. But the end result is breathtaking, Berry's scenes constructed entirely from different fragments of material, provide a genuine & unfiltered look at life in the UK.

Despite now living in Sweden, Berry's story began early on in his childhood home of Huddersfield in the UK. It was there that he stumbled upon a stack of discarded jeans and rather than see them end up in the local charity shop he began to experiment and repurpose them.

Proof that one mans trash, can serve as one mans creative outlet. You can see the latest Berry's latest creations via his official site

Via MyModernMet