Creative Cannibalism Coming To A Kitchen Near You?

Creative Cannibalism Coming To A Kitchen Near You?

Get ready for the grotesque, thought-provoking & peculiar art of New York based visual artist Christine Chin. She's the inventive mind behind "Sentient Kitchen", a disturbing series of photographs and sculptures designed to examine the convergence between biology and technology.

I've taken inspiration from some of nature’s most ingenious engineering. What better way to dispense salt than through an organ that is highly developed to taste, and why not take advantage of the mammary gland’s unique relationship to milk? While it is the nature of the human ego to cast suspicion on a challenge to human intellect, Sentient Kitchen products offer a non-threatening environment to explore the benefits of smarter, more sensitive solutions to our daily dining needs. - Christine Chin

We think his work is strangely brilliant yet slightly unnerving at the same time - if Hannibal Lecter held a dinner party, you might see a few of these object floating around on the dinner table. You can experience more images from this confronting series via her site & with an imagination such as this, imagine where her next project will take her...



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