Kick Ass Pint-Sized Superheros & Evil Villains

Kick Ass Pint Sized Superheros  image

Kick Ass Pint-Sized Superheros & Evil Villains

If you spend a few minutes floating around on the arts community DeviantArt , you'll see countless fan art dedicated to some of the most popular superheros and evil villains of all time. Most of it recreates the characters as they appear in graphic novels, which is why gifted German illustrator and comic wizard Ryodita stands apart from the pack.

She's taken her favourite characters and transformed them into bold, colourful and pint-size versions of themselves. Suddenly, you're seeing the characters in an entirely different light, who would have thought that The Joker (one of the best villains of all time) could ever be considered cute?

You can see more characters and an extensive list of all her vibrant artworks via her DeviantArt profile - do let us know which superhero / villain you love the most!

via Buzzfeed