Ridiculous Fashion & Album Covers Of 1970s Swedish Bands

Ridiculous Fashion & Album Covers Of 1970s Swedish Bands

When you think of Swedish bands, there's only one name that rules them all, ABBA right? Well, the truth back in the 1970's they certainly had their fair share of contemporaries and copycats. We've tracked down 20 of the best retro album covers from that area -  the very definition of "So Bad So Good" if you will - just so much to love and be horrified by.

Stylish beards, satin outfits, blocky fonts and some of the most hideous fashion you're every like to see, it's all here and more, designed to make your eyes bleed.

But to really bring it all to life and get you in the mood, check out Schytts (we're not joking!) and their hometown classic 'Ajajaj' - just don't say we didn't warn you.

Via PopCurious

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