Famous Weapons From Popular Films Superbly Recreated

Daniel Nyari Famous Weapons Graphic Design Dan image

Famous Weapons From Popular Films Superbly Recreated

Meet Romanian graphic designer Daniel Nyari. Now residing in New York City, he's a huge movie buff and having studied graphic design and fine arts, his latest project 'Famous Weapons' is an excellent combination of both his passion and his skills. Taking some of the most iconic and popular weaponry from a whole host of movies, he's transformed them into these vector versions of themselves.

Items such as the Ghostbuster backpack are instantly recognizable, others might take a little while for you to reference - but do let us know which ones you remember from your past or which you'd like to own! You can also grab yourself some pretty neat art prints and clothing featuring a selection of the weapons below, just head over to his online store to get yourself some goodies.

All images © Daniel Nyari



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