Deliciously Edible Pop Culture Themed Burgers

Funny Creative Bugers By Thomas and Quentin 2 image

Deliciously Edible Pop Culture Themed Burgers

Here's a novel twist on the humble Big Mac, French duo Thomas and Quentin have created an amusing series titled 'Fat & Furious Burger' whereby the create burgers not as meals, but as works of art.

Each burger  has an obvious reference to an element of modern-day pop culture, whether it's The Lord of The Rings burger or a nod to the world's current obsession with all things vampire and everything in between. There's even a healthy burger to keep even the staunchest vegetarian satisfied.

Personally, we reckon they're fantastic and if McDonald's or Burger King needed some inspiration for their beef patties, they should be giving Thomas and Quentin a call ASAP.

You can view more dishes from their yummy and cool food series via their official Tumblr blog, where they regularly post new designs and recipes.

Tuck in!

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