Photographer Gives His Subjects An Entirely New Face. Literally.

Wes Naman Cellotapes People image

Photographer Gives His Subjects An Entirely New Face. Literally.

You've probably seen countless portrait type photographic series and after a while they all start to blur together.

But photographer Wes Naman takes a different approach, he literally gives his subjects an entirely new face!

[phoenixgallery id="ScotchTape"]

What's the secret? Scotch tape.

Using reams and reams of the sutff, he disfigures, distorts and contorts their appearance in such extreme ways that you'd barely recognize them. But fear not, we're not talking about a mafia-style hit here, it's all done with tongue placed firmly in cheek. To date he's created 5 series, which are brilliantly shot - it's no surprise either, if you poke around the rest of his site you'll be equally as fascinated by his other work.

But as for his Scotch Tape series, we love how random, kooky and strange it all is. The behind the scenes photos by Jakob Schiller reveal that everyone was clearly having a blast on set too.

Hands up like us if you can't wait for the next installment?

Wes Naman



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