This Peculiar & Odd Video Was Created Entirely From A Dream

This Peculiar & Odd Video Was Created Entirely From A Dream

Have you ever woken up and been slightly freaked out by the vague recollections of a dream you just had? That happens to Pask D’Amico, an Italian animator, all the time too.

Take this for example.

One day I dreamed a mouth that spoke to me from the heart of the galaxy. The geometric lines that composed it were fractals that intersected with a regular intervals. This voice was singing a Mantra in an unknown language: I did not understand the meaning of his words but I could snatch the essence of his voice.

Odd yes, but what is the true difference between the dreams you and I have and the ones Pask experiences? Unlike us, he goes onto re-create, animate bring his dreams to life...

After 123 days of locking himself in his production studio, editing, tweaking, creating and rearranging he's come up with his latest creation - L’Homme Grotesque. A faith re-enactment of his peculiar dream.

A twisting, morphing kaleidoscope of body parts that are as unnerving (once you realise what they actually are) as they are strangely captivating - set against a soundtrack that is equally as hypnotic.

It's Vimeo's Staff Pick of The Week - but be honest, it's also a contender for one of the most bizarre yet coolest video you'll see all year.

We'd love to know what you think....

Via Pask D’Amico



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