23 Inspirational Quotes To Encourage Your Creativity

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23 Inspirational Quotes To Encourage Your Creativity

It's a dilemma which we've all faced from time to time, being stuck in that creative rut, where that sudden burst of inspiration eludes us - no matter how much we search high and low for it. That's the beauty in thinking creatively, it makes its own rules.

But if it helps, you can take some small comfort in knowing that even the likes of Albert Einstein, Kurt Vonnegut, Steve Jobs, Oscar Wilde, Henry David Thoreau, Sylvia Plath, Pablo Picasso, Walt Disney, Voltaire and Vincent van Gogh all suffered from writers block, self-doubt and a profound lack of inspiration at times.

Being able to think outside the square, to let your imagination literally run wild is far easier said than done - but these 23 inspirational quotes from some of the greatest minds in human existence, will hopefully be the flame that lights your creative spark.


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