The Curious Case Of Ghana's Creative Coffins

Funny Coffins By Olaf Breuning 3 image

The Curious Case Of Ghana's Creative Coffins

Here's a little something we've dug up from the history books.

Way back in 2004, visual artist Olaf Breuning collaborated with a group of Ghanaian casket makers to create these humourous and rather odd coffins....

But why Ghana?

Well interestingly enough, caskets in the form of characters, deities or gods are actually a part of traditional Ghanaian culture & considered genuine works of art. So whilst they seem a little odd to you and I - to most Ghanaian's these are nothing overly out of the ordinary.

Proof that death doesn't always have to be a sombre affair, but one where you potentially spend an eternity locked inside a chocolate bar, snowman, and melting popsicle.


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