Utterly Dazzling Portraits Created Using Floppy Disks

Utterly Dazzling Portraits Created Using Floppy Disks

With the rapid speed at which technology is integrating into our daily lives, along the way older technologies become usurped or obsolete. Take the floppy disk for example, revolutionary in its day, now collecting dust in millions of office draws the world over.

Unless you're British artist Nick Gentry, who has an altogether different use for these once heralded portable discs of data.

Influenced by our obsession with consumerism & gadgets in general, Gentry's creations centre on obsolete media. The redundant, remixed and formed into something new & unique - like taking the humble floppy disk and transforming it into these magnificent and futuristic portraits.

Innovative, fascinating and questionably cool you can find out more about Nick's experimentation with obsolete media & his latest work via his official site, through his dedicated Facebook Page or from his insightful updates via Twitter.

Fingers crossed his releases a book capturing his ingenious creations, because if this is a sample of what he's doing now, imagine how much fun he's going to have with an obsolete iPad....

Note: All Rights Reserved by Nick Gentry.