Discarded Barbie Dolls & Toys Made Into Strange Characters

Discarded Barbie Dolls & Toys Made Into Strange Characters

We thought it was about time we featured a home-grown Australian artist here on So Bad So Good and what better individual to focus on this week than innovative artist & sculptor Freya Jobbins?

Some of you might be old enough to remember Mr Potato Head from the 80's, who's influence can certainly be seen in her work.

But in truth, that novelty toy isn't her source of inspiration.

Jobbins states that she's been influenced by firstly Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers & fish.Secondly by Gunther von Hagens the controversial German anatomist who invented the technique for preserving biological tissue specimens called 'plastination'. Thirdly by another Australian artist called Ron Mueck - an extremely talented hyerrealist sculptor. And finally, and probably most tellingly of all - the Toy Story trilogy.

Her art is a reference / statement on the era of consumerism which our kids are encouraged to adopt. "Due to our society's overspending on children's plastic toys, especially dolls, the materials for my assemblages are very accessible."

On the flipside, with so many discarded plastic toys, Barbie dolls & action figures, she can continue to amalgamate them into creating more of these strange, amusing and slightly creepy characters.

View more of her ingenious work here.

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