A Truly Magnificent Online Collaboration Of Art & Music

A Truly Magnificent Online Collaboration Of Art & Music

We all know the internet (Ahem Facebook) has made the world infinitely smaller. Individuals, whom otherwise would have never heard, seen or been able to communicate with each other can do instantly using a plethora of platforms. People talk about living in the digital age, but in truth we're living in a world of constantly collaboration and limitless potential.

Here's a truly remarkable example. Young Rival are a Canadian indie band, based in Ontario, who'd just recorded a new track called 'Two Reasons'. Their next the was to create a music clip for it and it just so happened that whilst surfing the image galleries on Reddit, they hit a goldmine by discovering James Kuhn.

Who is  James Kuhn exactly? A Michigan based face painter who quite frankly is able to create some of the most exotic & brilliant colours & characters we've ever seen. Which isn't that surprising when he actually describes himself as “an artist, retired drag queen, whiteface clown, former nudist, born again Christian, average 46 year old guy…well maybe not exactly average!”!

And thus, after a few emails back and forth the collaboration was set.

Kuhn would then paint his face, creating his multi-faced characters & lip-synch to the track - over time the band then edited and assembled all his takes into the music video you're about to see.

Two artists, in two different countries, coming together back and forth online to create something that really does put most modern day music videos to shame.