It's Breakfast Time! Just Not As You Know It...

It's Breakfast Time! Just Not As You Know It...

We're sure that many of you remember the tricks your parents would turn to in order to get you to eat your breakfast in the morning. The most obvious one, was buying you a cereal with some kind of brightly coloured cartoon character on the front, who advocated that what you were about to eat was, simply put - the greatest thing since sliced bread. In the case of Tony The Tiger and his Frosties - he was being pretty accurate (For the others not so much.)

In steps Guillermo Fajardo, an immensely talented illustrator from Peru, who also shares those same childhood memories from around the breakfast table. It served as the inspiration for his latest project Breakfast Time a series of startlingly original illustrations. He's taken some of the most loved characters from childhood breakfasts all around the world and given them a sinister & adult twist.

In fact, if cereal boxes came complete with his illustrations, most kids would probably be hiding under the table. But as for us adults, we reckon they're cool as f**k.

You can see more of his graphic work via his Behance & Facebook pages.

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