An Awesome LED Wine Cellar You'll Wish You Owned

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An Awesome LED Wine Cellar You'll Wish You Owned

Here's something that is seriously going to impress your house guests.

Imagine having a dinner party in this house (which is worth a cool $6,000,000 US) glancing down onto the floor, only to be greeted by this - a magnificent blue LED lit wine cellar.

It's like Tron meets The Hamptons isn't it?

The house itself is located in Tennessee USA and is currently on the market. For the $6M asking price, not only will get you that LED cellar, but also 10 bathrooms & 7 large bedrooms as well. Is it a good deal? Well, let the photos be the judge.

The cellar specifically was created by interior designer Jamie Beckwith. She simply states that “This design is not born from trying to be different, or to create something that is not in the marketplace, but my designs is based on artistic freedom, a passion if you will.”.

That passion has resulted in a feature that is both as stylish as it is futuristic and with a stunning view like this, you'd imagine the wine would be to die for as well.

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