A Frightening Look At America's Sugar Addiction

A Frightening Look At America's Sugar Addiction image

A Frightening Look At America's Sugar Addiction

Since 1990, sugar intake has increased by 40 lbs a year across the United States. Is it a coincidence that the obesity rate has increased by 20 percent?

Are they linked? More than likely.

Now, we're all prone to candy, lollies, sweets and that weekly sugar hit - sometimes it just taste soooooo good doesn't it? But in truth, over time that addiction and reliance on sugar could lead to serious health implications down the track. Online Nursing Programs have created this frightening infographic was details just how much sugar Americans consume on a yearly basis - and it's frankly astounding.

Did you know that the average American sucks down on 53 gallons of carbonated soda drinks each year? That's A LOT of Pepsi in anyone's book. Take a look at the infographic below to get the bigger picture and next time you're reaching out for the sugary treat - maybe think twice?



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