Brilliant Works From The 'Breaking Bad' Art Project

Brilliant Works From The 'Breaking Bad' Art Project

The incredibly successful TV series Breaking Bad has literally taken television audiences by storm, has been consistently 5-star reviews and now is now going strong in its 5th season. The American Film Institute listed even listed it one of the top ten television series of 2010 and 2011.

Along the way it's amassed quite the number of fans, so much so that site  Breaking Gifs organized "The Breaking Bad Art Project" featuring artwork made by the fans, designed for the fans.

The entries have been as spectacular as they have been diverse, with many of them are on display in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988. If you get in quick, you might be able to buy one (20% of all sales go towards the US Alzheimer’s Association).

Word of warning, if you haven't seen all the seasons yet, beware spoilers ahead!

Do let us know your personal favs!

All pictures come courtesy of Gallery 1988

Artist: Mike Mitchell Title: The Cooks

Artist: Ken Taylor Title: Breaking Bad

Artist: Tom Whalen Title: Tio Salamanca

Artist: Rhys Cooper Title: Jesse Pinkman

Artist: Lora Zombie Title: Blue Meth Rain

Artist: Brad Hills Title: Mr. White

Artist: Aled Lewis's Title:_ I Am The Danger_

Artist: Joey Spiotto's Title:_ Walt and the Bad Breakers - Blue Sky_

Artist: Anthony Petrie Title: Gus Fring

Artist: Scott Derby Title: Knock, Knock

Artist: Rich Kelly Title:_ Mexican Shootout_

Artist: Rich Pellegrino Title: You Are A Blowfish

Artist: Nicole Guice Title: I Spy Heisenberg

Artist: JoKa Title: Breaking Bad

Artist: Mike Mitchell Title: 4 prints 

Artist: Justin Santora Title: Flight 515 

Artist: Lora Zombie Title: Teddy Bear

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