Is This The World's Most Crowded Swimming Pool?

Is This The World's Most Crowded Swimming Pool?

Japanese photographer Michael Yamashita captured a number of amazing, and frankly terrifying, images of people in Tokyo Summerland trying to cool off during the sweltering days of a Japanese heatwave. When looking at these photographs it is hard to see where the water begins and the bodies end!

In a recent interview Tamashita said:

'There's no question that given the heat, humidity and population of Tokyo in the summer, the throngs at any swimming pool there are going to, by definition, test the limits of crowd control and sanitation. Japan, however, is prepared for this and manages to keep everyone happy and cool no matter how jam-packed the pool - by moving the water rather than the swimmers"

Suprisingly, the water in the pool is clean enough to drink...though we don't recommend it!