22 Brilliant Examples Of Culture Jamming


22 Brilliant Examples Of Culture Jamming

If only there were more movements like this in all the major capital cities.

A staggering 25 artists from 8 different countries colluded together to create one of the biggest examples of culture jamming in recent times.

The project was called Brandalism and over a 5 day period, billboards in Leeds, London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester were subverted by this street art collective. The infamous Banksy was one of the first to create this type of art, overriding & defacing conventional advertisements - but since his arrival, the movement itself has grown from strength to strength.

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising."_ - Mark Twain_

We fully support individuals creatively rebelling against the advertising industry - I think we'd all rather see art like this on our streets over an ad for car insurance right?

You can see hi-res shots from the entire project right here - http://brandalism.org.uk (which is just as well, as many of the artworks have no themselves been covered up, pulled down and defaced)