21 Fantastic Artworks From Famous Movies

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21 Fantastic Artworks From Famous Movies

You might not have heard of him, but Drew Struzan has been influencing pop culture for well over 30 years now.

He's the exceptionally talented artist / illustrator behind some of the world's biggest movies and their featured artwork. From modern day classics like Harry Potter, to the 80's retro cool of the Back To The Future series as well as the likes of Police Academy and Indian Jones in between, Struzan has worked and shaped them all.

His wonderfully photo-realsitic style is a blend of cartoon-esque images & portrait photography, which he magically mixes together to create an entirely new style of illustration. It's his technique, which has been influencing artists around the world and will continue to do so, for generations.

To that end, he even has a YouTube channel dedicated to helping upcoming artists learn from his techniques and best practices - for that, Drew we salute you!