Artist Turns His Beloved Dead Cat Into A Helicopter

Dead Cat Helicopter By Bart Jansen image

Artist Turns His Beloved Dead Cat Into A Helicopter

Here's a little scenario to get the conversation started.

Bart Jansen's beloved cat & lifelong friend Orville was sadly killed when hit by a car. As a visual tribute to his memory, the Dutch artist strapped his furry friend into a flying contraption and created the "Orvillecopter" a modified helicopter, literally made out of a freshly taxidermiedc Orville. His close friend Arjen Beltman added the finishing touches.

Orville was then launched into the air at the KunstRAI art festival in Amsterdam on June 3, 2012 to shock, horror and surprise.

What do you think of Jansen's work? Disrespectful, ill-advised and in incredibly bad taste? Or a wonderfully creative and humorous tribute to his furry friend?

Via LF Press



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