Outrageous & Extreme Wind Tunnel Faces!

Outrageous  image

Outrageous & Extreme Wind Tunnel Faces!

Artist Tadas Černiauskas wanted to create a series of images that were fun, irrverant and unique, something to make himself, and visitors his studios, laugh. The result, a quite hilarious collection of photographs created to form the series…”Blow Job”.

Placing his subjects in front of the camera, he blasted them with waves of air aimed directly at their faces. The outcome as you’re about to see,and captured the entire moments with stunning hilarious outcomes.

Of his work, Tadas Černiauskas says

"I was surprised that there were so many laid-back people who were not afraid to look funny! [The] Spacious studio was bursting at the seams and everyone was crying with laughter, laughing at themselves and at each other.’

See for yourself with a select collection of our favourites below and to view the entire collection, make sure you visit his official website