Japan's Latest Fetish? Schoolgirls Licking Doorknobs

Japan's Latest Fetish? Schoolgirls Licking Doorknobs image

Japan's Latest Fetish? Schoolgirls Licking Doorknobs

Now we've featured a few strange things from the crazy world of Japan, from previous stories about their humanoid newscasters, to their brilliant TRON dance groups, through to their penchant for insane robot restaurants that will overload your brain - Japanese pop culture, has always been more than a little warped, left of field and unusual.

But this next feature really does takes the concept of bizarreness to entirely new level.

When we first stumbled across this on Twitter, we thought it was part of some kind of elaborate joke.

But no.

Sounds totally unbelievable right? But there is in fact an entire community dedicated to this niche fetish, we actually found out about it via the Door Knob Girl Twitter profile.

One of the latest fetishes / trends to emerge from the dark recesses of the Japanese sexual psyche is the act of licking / fellating random doorknobs. where they post images of....yep, innocent looking school girl types randomly licking doorknobs. And no, we don't know why.

Now aside from it being utterly off the wall, just imagine licking an actual doorknob. Surely it's easily one of the most filthiest things you come into contact with on a daily basis? But then again, maybe that's the appeal?

Honestly, when was the last time you saw the janitor or anyone for that matter cleaning a doorknob?

Not that it matters now, they're apparently all being licked clean as we type....

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