These Amazing Photos Merge The Past & Present

Looking Back On The Past Photography image

These Amazing Photos Merge The Past & Present

In the modern digital age, our sense of history is rapidly becoming distorted.

Where's “old” use to mean several decades, now it equates to mere weeks.

Media is becoming ever more transient & disposable - think of the photos you post on Facebook, obsolete and buried under a hundred other status updates from your friends within the hour.

That’s why it is such a refreshing change to find this beautiful Flickr group titled Looking Into the Past curated by Jason Powell, it's a breath of fresh air in the photographic world, which is now almost exclusively dominated by countless heavily filtered Instragram photos.

Across the world, photographers are fusing the past and present with stunning effect. The Looking Into the Past Movement is a celebration that every story had a starting point, every moment had a beginning and that there will always be more than meets the eye to the world around you.

Here's some of our favs from the group, you can experience 75 more of them here.

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