Hypnotizing Inks & Psychedelic Colours

Luka Klikovca Demersal Ink Photography image

Hypnotizing Inks & Psychedelic Colours

Serbian photographer Luka Klikovca's wonderful project titled Demersal is as hallucinatory as it is hypnotizing. He blends dense bold inks into intricate twisted swirls, shapes and layers - in the process creating a series of surreal and abstract photographs. (Ed - Much like Mark Mawson)

There's something inherently magical yet experimental about his work, a talent and gift few can lay claim too. The images themselves confirm “his fascination with the diversity and depth of surreal spaces that are created by unpredictable patterns of moving colored fluid.” it's not hard to understand where he's coming from, you could spend hours looking at these works. But most impressive of all, is the fact that none of the images you're about to see have been enhanced digitally. Everything is created & captured in its true form.

You can experience more of his psychedelic & timeless imagery here, just be sure to snap back to reality after viewing them.

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