Unbelievable Vertigo Inducing Photography By Vadim Mahorov

 Novosibirsk, Russia image

Unbelievable Vertigo Inducing Photography By Vadim Mahorov

There's 2 things you need to know about Russian photographer Vadim Mahorov.

  1. He has zero fear of heights
  2. He takes truly unbelievable photographs.

Short in various locations across the Eastern European block, Vadmin literally goes to death-defying lengths to capture the most magnificent aerial landscapes. We're featuring a selection of his work, a combination of shots with his thrill seeking friends and also several dedicated to showcasing the beauty and majesty of the region.

His passion & talent for photography is clearly evident for everyone to see and long may it continue, so three big cheers for Vadim!

(Just make sure you continue to watch your step buddy!)



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