The Contaminated & Ghostly Youth Of Chernobyl

Guillaume Herbaut Photography Chernobyl Nightclub image

The Contaminated & Ghostly Youth Of Chernobyl

Here's one party you probably don't want to go to....

25 years after the mass evacuation of local residents & due to the high levels of radiation still prominent in the ground, the the area encircling the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor is now a forbidden zone (you can see photos here) But on the mere fringes and outskirts of the exclusion zone, there's an emerging underground dance culture movement - driven by the disillusioned youth in the Chernobyl area.

The morose economy, uninhabitable farmland, mass unemployment and utter isolation - have conspired to force the crowd of wayward locals and Kiev visitors to the city of Ivankov - deep in the 3rd contaminated zone. It's there in the back alleys of Ivankov that you'll find Antalys discotheque - a place where people temporarily forget their perilous circumstances, drink heavily, dance non-stop and release their aggression at the world in the form late night violence. And all of this, with the constant thought of radiation crackling through the air.

Photojournalist Guillaume Herbaut bravely (and some would say foolishly even) spent an evening in Chernobyl capturing a unique insight into the lives of the youth within the area. His images are dark, compelling and even slightly disturbing,  painting a picture of a place that is both eerie and ghostly in equal amounts.

We've selected some of our favourite photographs from his series, but make sure you check out his fantastic website to see an HD slideshow complete with music - together they form a truly unsettling experience.

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