Majestic Footage Of Fishing Under The Ice Of Finland

Majestic Footage Of Fishing Under The Ice Of Finland

Here's a video that will literally turn your world upside down.

Take the experience of fishing, the boat, the lake, a few mates, the expectation but imagine the whole experience.....underwater. And all this, whilst in deep sea diving gear amidst freezing temperatures and surrounded dangerous shadowy sea creatures.

Well, that's precisely what local fisherman Eelis Rankka & Tommi Salminen did, when they dived deep underneath the beautiful Lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland to do a spot of ice fishing.

Finnish director Juuso Mettälä was there to film them and capture the entire experience and he's just released the final edited footage.

The results are surreal, majestic and at times, other worldly.



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