Hong Kong Elegantly Photographed In Infrared

Infrared Photography by Yiu Yu Hoi image

Hong Kong Elegantly Photographed In Infrared

Hong Kong is one of the busiest and frantic capital cities in the world and yet amongst all the commotion, hustle and bustle local designer and photographer Yiu Yu Hoi is able to capture the serene – he does so using the art of infrared photography.

His startling images are almost dream-like in their appearance and many of them focus on nature sitting alongside the modern surroundings of the city. The effect itself is a combination of filters and Photoshop magic which allows you to create these remarkably vivid images.

"The glowing trees can be obtained in-camera, but they are bluish straight out of camera. A more natural reddish tone could be available by simply swapping Blue and Red channels in Photoshop. That is a very popular, yet powerful way to develop colored infrared photos." says Hoi.

This was the same effect used by Richard Mosse who also used this technique on these images from the war torn territory of the Congo in Africa