Wonderland: Asia's Biggest Abandoned Theme Park

Wonderland: Asia's Biggest Abandoned Theme Park

Wonderland, located at Chenzhuang Village (陈庄村), Nankou Town (南口地区), Changping District, China, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) outside of Beijing.

It was suppose to be the largest most expansive and ground-breaking theme park in Asia. Millions of tourists were expected to visit and experience the magic of what (initially at least) was heralded as "the greatest amusement park in the history of the world"

But due to intense disagreements over the value of the land with local farmers & government officials, all funding for the project stopped in its tracks in 1998. Now it's ruins form part of China's ghostly rural landscape - no investment, no progress, no tourism, no hope.

It's been left abandoned ever since.

Via The Atlantic

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