Utterly Bizarre Japanese Poodle Workout Video

Utterly Bizarre Japanese Poodle Workout Video

We all know the Japanese can be more than a little kooky- but even this takes the cake. Before you watch this utterly surreal Japanese poodle workout video (which I guarantee will make you sit there and simply yell W.T.F repeatedly) we thought we should give you a little background to it.

It was made by Nagi Noda for Panasonic (money well spent anyone?) and originally was part of 10 films they made for the 2004 Athens Olympics. Why did they make it? Why does it star poodles working out? Why did it make the Top 10? Who knows.

In fact, truth be told, we can't even tell if the poodles are CGI or actual PEOPLE wearing poodle outfits - that's how odd this video is. In the end we gave up trying to understand it.

If you've found a more random video out there, let us know - we've love to watching anything that could top this, we really would!



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